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Hotel nights, flight seats, opera tickets and a place in an exotic expedition can be seen as NFTs.

TRIPL = smaRT TRaveL IndusTRy PRoTocoL

TRIPL solves

Any technology should solve a problem. Our objective with TRIPL is to solve these problems:

  • Avoid redundant availability calculations across the industry for the same allotment/resource.
  • Avoid unexpected cost on cancellation due to currencies fluctuation.
  • Reduce financial complexity.

TRIPL extra benefits

  • Simplify the direct link between actors. All hotels publish with the same protocol, all clients consume with the same protocol. That creates an open market.
  • Smart contracts ensure all players clear and well known rules. That rules are developed also with a direct governance also clear and well known.
  • Open market protocol ensure a decentralized diversity of implementations, specially for helpers.

TRIPL philosophy

  • TRIPL is not a company. TRIPL is a project to implement an open market protocol, based on a set of smart contracts, with direct governance of all actors (including the travelers).
  • TRIPL is a disruptive technology that gives an opportunity to all current actors to play a role an stay in the business improving its currect value.
  • TRIPL should be a join effort between the travel and cryptocurrency industries, the universities and the European Union.

TRIPL challenges

We identify the following challenges:

  • a