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(Work in Progress) Road map & high level implementation details

Road map

  • Ideation, sharing: looking for people to join, criticize, grow the idea.
    • Is it possible to represent the allotment in a blockchain and keep it with a small size to keep the chain fast enough?
  • Partnership: look for partners (mainly universities, hotel chains, bed banks and distributors)
  • Coin selection or creation
  • Coding first versions on test networks.
  • TBD


By this time you may want to know which crypto asset to buy because this project is amazing... Creating a cryptocurrency maybe required, but it's not the only way. The network will have a reward system but it may be implemented in any existing coin. Services in this network should use any currency. Some hosts may prefer BTC or ETH while other will tend to use USDT or BUSD. It should be possible to implement TRIPL with these or another coins. TRIPL coin may exist but we prefer to define an excellent product with a clear market rules before choosing or creating a coin.


Any actor in the networks needs an identity. For travelers only a wallet address is enough. For hosts, performers, _ helpers_ and resellers some extra information is needed and must be validated to ensure the quality of service. hosts may also require delegation of certain permission to their workers, helpers and resellers.

Host validation

A host can be validated be a reseller (acting as a helper for the block-chain) or by travelers. As any decentralized database, making sure that the service offered are real is a main concern. Actual travel industry players can be very use full to validate hosts.

Objects (entities)

  • Experience (a set of:)

    • Booking
      • Accommodation
      • Hotel
      • Camping
      • B&B
      • AirBNB like
      • Couch
      • Bed
    • Transport
      • Flight
      • Train
      • Car rental
      • Taxi, transfer
      • Bus
    • Ticket
      • Concert, sports, etc.
      • Food? Amenities?...
  • Traveler

  • Host
  • Performer
  • Helper
  • Reseller

Last update: 2022-05-24