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Other projects

Blockchain projects

  • Chain4Travel: great team and supporters with great industry knowledge.
  • Winding Tree They did a presentation back in 2017 in Hotelbeds. Almost the same idea as TRIPL.
  • Dtravel "Dtravel is starting with a minimum viable product launching in partnership with Hostaway. Through an API integration to its property management system, Hostaway customers have the option to “turn on” Dtravel as a distribution channel, enabling on-chain bookings without a big learning curve or change in operations for hosts. "
  • BitBook "Everyone deserves to travel, and BitBook is making this reality possible by rewarding people who book through their site, invite others or create compelling content."
  • Otium Technologies They are in Mallorca. A similar idea too.
  • Travel inblock (ex HBG people, very vague definition of the product)
  • Travel Coin Scam?

Portals with blockchain integrations

  • Travala They define itself as "Cryptocurrency Friendly Travel Booking". They accept payments in crypto, and they have an incentive program with its own token and NFTs, but they don't implement a travel blockchain. They partnered with Expedia and Binance.


Last update: 2022-06-02